Rental Policy for BTT Management, LLC


  1. Every individual of 18 years old or older intending to live in the prospective rental property must fill out an application. Prospective tenant must complete an official application truthfully, providing all requested information, verify all information provided, and pay $25 application fee. The $25 application fee must be paid by each applicant. Each applicant must show current driver’s license or other government issued photo ID, and the photograph on the driver’s license or state issued photo ID must match the applicant(s).
  2. Prospective tenant must prove that he or she has a job or other constant source of income which is likely to continue for the period of the proposed lease. Yearly income must be 3 times the yearly rent. Inability on the part of the landlord to obtain satisfactory confirmation of employment within one business day of the date of the application will be grounds for denial of a lease.
  3. Prospective tenant must prove possession of FICO credit score of 620 or higher, as evidenced by records provided by a credit agency of our choice. No evidence of credit history is grounds for denial of a lease. Any negative public record is grounds for denial of a lease. Late rent payments, or nonpayment of rent at the prospective tenant’s current location (or the location before that), or bankruptcy are grounds for denial of a lease.
  4. Prospective tenant must provide references from the current landlord, as well as the landlord before that. Exceptions are made in the case in which the prospective tenant has been living with a parent, and has not rented an apartment in the last 5 years. A recommendation from a prior landlord which is not clearly positive is grounds for denial of a lease.
  5. Maximum number of people allowed per unit:
  6. Efficiency:
    1-Bedroom apartment:
    2-Bedroom apartment:
    3-Bedroom apartment:
    1 person and afterborn children, 2 persons if married and afterborn children.
    2 persons and afterborn children.
    3 persons and afterborn children
    4 persons and afterborn children


  7. Pets are allowed in most units; however, landlord reserves the sole right to determine which units, kind of pet, as well as number of pets that will be allowed.
  8. The first person who applies and satisfies in their entirety all of the above mentioned criteria (item 1 through 6) will be eligible to rent the apartment. If that first applicant does not meet one or more of the criteria above, then the second applicant who satisfies all of the above criteria will be considered, etc. We screen fully filled-out applications that we receive in the order we receive them. If your application is not completely filled out, we will screen the other completely filled-out applications first.
    • No applicants with violent or drug-related felonies will be accepted
    • No applicants with crimes against children will be accepted
    • No applicants with felonies committed within the last 10 years will be accepted
    • No applicants with imprisonment for felonies within the last 5 years will be accepted
    • No applicants with crimes against landlord or rental properties will be accepted
    • No applicants with convictions or pleas to any crime involving metal theft,
      vandalizing properties, or otherwise damaging properties will be accepted
    • No applicants with arson convictions or pleas will be accepted